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Three Key Principles

Every business negotiation is unique and must be handled skillfully. Following a pre-determined process (or flying by the seat of your pants) rarely yields the best results. The Sync Negotiation Method™ teaches you how to detect unconscious cues from your counterpart and navigate the best path to your desired result. Our practical based training gives you the advantage in any negotiation.

Like the pilot of a 747 jumbo jet, you’ll discover and perfect techniques that allow you to take off smoothly, make mid-course corrections, and land the best deals possible. We provide you with a dependable in-flight checklist, which includes:

  1. Recognize
    Recognizing common ground, agreement alternatives and critical touch points in the conversation.
  1. Harmonize
    Harmonizing common interests to protect relationships while advancing discussions to a successful conclusion.
  1. Maximize
    Deploy the Sync Negotiation Method™ while harnessing your personal negotiation preferences to improve your negotiated outcomes.
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